Extra skill game action at Poker in the Park

Extra skill game action at Poker in the Park

Saturday, 23 July 2011

There are plenty strong links between poker and chess and those links will be boosted still further at this year's Poker in the Park which will feature an exhibition from International Master Malcolm Pein.

Mr Pein will be taking on multiple opponents in a special match that will see players who manage a win or a draw against him bagging a prize. Grand Master Simon Williams will also be on hand, taking part in speed chess matches around the clock.

As the great Stu Ungar proved, many of the skills that make are good rummy player are transferable to poker too. Players will be able to enjoy plenty of the former in the RummyRoyal.com sponsored tent.

Organiser Michael Caselli said, "Ultimately, we're a poker festival, but there's a lot of crossover between poker and these other skill games and it's really fun to diversify. This year's Poker in the Park is about offering an eclectic mix, with more entertainment and a wider variety of games."

Of course the main focus of attention of Poker in the Park is still poker and there will be all the usual great tournaments, lectures, talks and tutorials not to mention plenty of poker swag at bargain prices.

This year's Poker in the Park takes place in Hanover Square, a 2 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube, on 2 and 3 September 2011. For more information visit Pokerinthepark.com.

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