Eugene Katchalov's TV Debut

Eugene Katchalov's TV Debut

Friday, 12 September 2014

Eugene Katchalov, a master of not only the bluff but the double bluff, will appear on Ukrainian national TV in the coming weeks in a show called The Mole.

For those that are able to cast their minds back to before this year's WSOP, Katchalov tweeted that he would't be able to take part in the Vegas festival because he was busy filming the show.

Deciding that a spot in the limelight, coupled with the chance to win a sizeable cash prize, was worth missing the biggest poker event of the year, Katchalov headed for Kiev.

With filming out of the way, the promotion for the event has now begun and earlier this week Mr. Katchalov tweeted links to two trailers for the show.

Being in Ukrainian we can't really understand what's being said, but judging from the edgy styling it looks be an interesting format.

Reading into the background of the show, the main premise is that a group of contestants must work together in order to solve various mental and physical challenges. The more tasks they complete the more money they will win, but the major catch is that one person in the group is a mole.

Intent on sabotaging the game and staying undetected, the mole must blend into the background while the rest of the team try to figure out who it is.

Although most of us will probably miss Katchalov in action the first time around, it's likely the show will appear somewhere online in the next few months.

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