Eugene Katchalov hunts Triple Crown at EPT Barcelona final.

Eugene Katchalov hunts Triple Crown at EPT Barcelona final.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The record-breaking field at EPT Barcelona is down to just eight players at the final table with Spaniard Tomeu Gomila leading the field by some margin, having bagged up almost 7m of the 24.33m in play. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Eugene Katchalov; the PokerStars Pro is chasing the final third of the WSOP-WPT-EPT Triple Crown but must overcome a shortstack to do it.

Katchalov, and every other player at the table, is guaranteed €73,000 for their efforts thus far but the first prize means a European Poker Tour title and a cool €850,000.

The final table seating assignments and chip counts are as follows:
1. Saar Wilf – 4,555,000
2. Martin Schleich – 2,260,000
3. Juan Manuel Perez – 1,090,000
4. Eugene Katchalov – 690,000
5. Isabel Baltazar – 2,270,000
6. Dragan Kostic – 2,155,000
7. Raul Mestre – 4,260,000
8. Tomeu Gomila – 6,985,000

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