Esfandiari & Laak Star in New Show

Esfandiari & Laak Star in New Show

Friday, 5 September 2014

Poker's dynamic duo, Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari, is set to star in a new Discovery Channel show called Underground Poker.

Part of the channel's All-In, All-Night series of card-themed shows which will air on September 10, Underground Poker will follow the two pros as they travel to New Orleans in search of, you've guessed it, lucrative underground poker games.

According to the show's blurb, New Orleans is filled with the richest private games in the US and since Esfandiari and Laak "know everybody who knows anybody", they're able to get an inside ticket to the action.

However, the duo's jaunt isn't all about poker. As well as trying to boost their bankrolls in the underground, Esfandiari and Laak will also be travelling the City of New Orleans in search of the finest gumbo, booze and, strangely, voodoo.

Esfandiari and Laak will also be on the hunt for a recluse named Neighborscheig (whoever or whatever that is).

The show appears to be a mixture of poker and potentially funny capers which will likely go down well with audiences. Indeed, if the one-off special goes well then it could lead to a string of new TV adventures involving two of the poker world's most animated characters.

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