ElkY vs Veldhuis scrap confirmed

ElkY vs Veldhuis scrap confirmed

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The proposed kick boxing bout between Lex Veldhuis and Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier was first mooted at EPT Barcelona in 2009 and after plenty of near misses and cancellations the pair will finally take to the ring next Tuesday.

Writing on his blog, Veldhuis confirmed the rules for the contest, which takes place in Marbella, Spain next week. The pair will battle it out over five three-minute rounds, with a winner declared only if there is a knockout or a retirement (there'll be no dodgy points decisions). The action promises to be pretty tasty with kicks allowed to every part of the body apart from the groin. Similarly, knees to the face and the rest of the body (except the groin) are allowed. Head butts are banned, as are rabbit punches to the back of the head. The pair will be wearing gloves but no other padding will be worn, either on the head or the legs.

Veldhuis, who has a three inch heigh advantage over his opponent, was bullish about his chances, citing 18 months of boxing training as a teenager as well as his involvement in 'a couple of street fights'. “I am more atheltic and I have better coordination, plus some experience in fights.” said the Dutchman, “Elky is in better shape and has been working out more consistently, going on special trainingcamps and putting in a lot of hours.”

The bout won't be streamed live but it will be filmed. Anyone wishing to place a wager on the contest is invited to take it up with Veldhuis himself via his @RaSZi Twitter account.

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