ElkY and Katchalov's WCOOP prop bets

ElkY and Katchalov's WCOOP prop bets

Thursday, 13 September 2012

There's much more than just cash and bragging rights up for grabs at this year's WCOOP for Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier and Eugene Katchalov. The pair have spiced up the action by agreeing to some pretty intense prop bets.

The first prop bet relates to the WCOOP Player of the Series with the lowest placed finisher having until January's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure to learn and do an interview in the winner's language. If viewers can’t understand it, the loser will have three months to prepare and run a full marathon.

Prop bet two centres on overall WCOOP winnings with the loser forced to cycle from Cannes to San Remo.

The third bet will see the player with the fewest number of overall cashes in this year's WCOOP forced to do 1,000 press ups in a 12 hour period.

It currently looks as if it's ElkY who'll be hitting the Russian textbooks as Katchalov has a healthy lead in the Player of the Year table. The Ukrainian-born American is on course for a clean sweep with more cashes and winnings so far. We're only about half way through the 2012 WCOOP so there's still plenty of time for the Frenchman to turn things around.

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