Elie’s Revelations

Elie’s Revelations

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Over the weekend the poker community learned a little bit more about the internal workings of the industry before Black Friday thanks to Chad Elie.

Facing a prison term in January, Elie became enraged a few weeks ago when Howard Lederer claimed he’d never met with any payment processors.
Disputing the claim and wanting to shed a little more light on the real situation concerning payment processing at some of the largest poker sites in the world.

Talking to the poker world’s most informed Black Friday observer, DiamondFlush, Elie disclosed a number of revelations – some which wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood movie.

After describing his background in the payment industry, Elie talks at length about his association with Intabill boss, Daniel Tzvetkoff. According to Elie, Daniel was “buying yachts, racing teams, everything across the globe” and spending $120,000 in nightclubs instead of putting processing money into reserve.

Beyond that he talks about accounts being opened under his name without his consent and stashes of “gold, gold shavings, gold coins and mountains of cash” inside someone’s shed.

If there’s one post-Black Friday interview that you should read it’s this one. Packed with insider information and shocking facts, the article certainly casts a new light on some powerful figures in the industry.

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