Eastgate has Main Event blues

Eastgate has Main Event blues

Thursday, 1 November 2012

According to a recent podcast interview with PokerListings Danish axis, Peter Eastgate isn’t happy. Despite being a Main Event champion with millions in the bank and a nice apartment in London, Peter feels that the money he won has given him a “false sense of security”.

Having risen to the top of his chosen profession at such a young age Peter now feels that he’s taken his foot off the gas and that his life is lacking direction. Although he didn’t say it directly it was implied he felt things may have been better for him if he didn’t become WSOP champion.

While it’s likely Peter isn’t asking for any sympathy from anyone, it’s easy to see why his lack of motivation is something that disturbs him. Indeed, to achieve something in poker you need to either be extremely motivated or extremely lucky. However, once you’ve achieved something and no longer need to grind it can be tough to make that mental shift.

Peter isn’t sitting idle though. He is currently practicing yoga every day and in the near future he plans to start a physiotherapy course. Who knows, maybe in the next few months we could see Peter offering treatment to players at the felt instead of taking their chips.

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