Eastgate Unhappy with High Stakes Poker Edit

Eastgate Unhappy with High Stakes Poker Edit

Monday, 23 March 2009

2008 WSOP champion and high-stakes cash game player Peter Eastgate has defended his play on GSN’s High Stakes Poker, claiming that although it may appear that he was outplayed consistently by Tom Dwan, this was not the case.

"I was just as aggressive as him, but because of the editing it seems like I was much tighter," he says to Pokerlistings.se.

The two were involved in two big pots – one in which both Eastgate and durrrr had trip sixes, Eastgate’s ace kicker shipping him the pot after calling Dwan down. Tom then showed evident surprise that Peter didn’t raise.
"He showed a lot of strength," Eastgate defends himself. "If I raise with that hand, I'd rather raise the turn than river. I'm happy with the way I played that hand."

In the second – now infamous – hand, Dwan turned top pair into a $100k bluff and made Eastgate lay down trips.

"I thought he probably had something like A2," Eastgate says. "I didn't like my trips after he bet so strong on the turn. I think I made the correct laydown in that situation. My mistake was not betting the turn."
"Dwan is one of the best; maybe the best," Eastgate comments. "But he wasn't as aggressive as it looks on TV, it was just the way it was edited."

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