Earn a share in Tell Gaming by simply playing on the site

Earn a share in Tell Gaming by simply playing on the site

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Viktor Kiam famously liked Remington shavers so much that he bought the company. Now an online poker room is offering a similar opportunity to poker players.

Online poker site and casino www.tellgaming.com is giving players the chance to earn a stake in the company by simply playing on the site. Players can earn ‘ownership units’ in the company as they actively participate in games.

Players on Tellgaming.com already have a 20% share in the company and were rewarded with a share of a €30,000 dividend payment earlier this year. An extra 5% of equity is now on offer.

Mr. Thomas Jonsén, Marketing manager at Tell Gaming commented: “We’re grateful to our players and rewarding them with a stake in our company is something we are very passionate about, and we hope to pay an ever higher dividend to our players within the next 12 months, as Tell Gaming continues its expansion.”

Tellgaming.com is also offering a series of live coaching sessions with poker pro and maths guru Andreas Hurtig followed by real time cash games and tournaments.

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