ESPN’s Inside Deal Welcomes Dennis Phillips

ESPN’s Inside Deal Welcomes Dennis Phillips

Thursday, 13 August 2009

After the dubious start made by G4’s Face the Ace, ESPN’s Inside Deal seems a far more attractive proposition – it received quite positive reviews after it’s premiere with Chris Moneymaker.

“Inside Deal,” which is sponsored by, began its 40 minute show by discussing new legislation introduced by Senator Robert Menendez to regulate online games of skill like poker in the United States. This legislation is important, they distinguished, as it applies to poker specifically and not skill games in general.

WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack called in for Inside Deal’s first telephone interview. He gave a preview of the 2009 WSOP Europe festivities, which kick off on September 19th from London. Pollack explained a potential solution for the sellout of Day 1D of the 2009 WSOP, which left more than 500 players shut out of the game’s most prestigious tournament:

“We’re going to continue to have pre-registration open months in advance. I think we’re going to allow players to select their start date for the Main Event until a certain point. After that, we’re going to select their start date so the days are properly balanced.”

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