ESPN includes position in WSOP broadcast; gets it wrong

ESPN includes position in WSOP broadcast; gets it wrong

Saturday, 31 July 2010

ESPN have gone all out with WSOP coverage this year – as well as the standard simple graphics, commentary from the classic Norman n’ Lon team and dozens of hours of coverage of the Main Event, they have included positional graphics and references so the less casual player can better follow the action.

Which is fine but... well, it’s not quite... right. Early position is defined as from Under the Gun until Under the Gun +2, which is fine. Middle position is defined as the hijack (I guess it’s kinda middling bordering on late) and the cutoff? OK, sure... but by far the biggest error is describing late position as the button and both blinds. Sorry, what? It is also slightly tilting that instead of using the standard “CO” and “BTN” acronyms they used “CUT” and “D” but we’ll cope.

Anyway, pre-flop technically we suppose the blinds are late position but this is an error that should have been picked up. Though we won’t complain if people now start 3-betting our ‘middle position’ cutoff raises from their late position in the big blind.


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