The maze that is The Hilton Metropole

The maze that is The Hilton Metropole

Monday, 4 October 2010

"Excuse me, mate - where's the toilet, please?" One imagines that in a cavernous ballroom such as the Sandringham suite of the Hilton Metropole, such facilities are readily available to all and sundry.

"Sure, mate," replied the heavyset security guard. "Just get the lift up one floor, cross the lobby, go back down to this floor and then take the first corridor on the right. Third door down."

I paused and waited for him to continue by saying: "then you must answer three riddles from the Almighty Sphinx before doing battle with The Black Knight. Only then will you be deemed worthy to urinate in The Hilton - but choose wisely, for only one urinal provides salvation. The rest lead to DEATH."

But no, seriously. No ancient monsters or faceless warriors blocked the way and we didn't choose any of the death-bowls. On a poker-related note, have the prizes for the final table:

1. £900,000

2. £545,000

3. £300,000

4. £240,000

5. £190,000

6. £145,000

7. £100,000

8. £68,000

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