Juanda vs Vamplew - the story so far

Juanda vs Vamplew - the story so far

Monday, 4 October 2010

So, the last update was a couple of hours ago and that's because I had the "John Juanda wins EPT London" story ready to go. He held a 3-1 chip lead over an inferior opponent and it seemed that his win was inevitable.


Turns out David Vamplew is a really tough player and he's not going down without a fight (and, of course, a little bit of luck). The battle resumed
after the dinner break with both players having room to manoeuvre and for the first time at the final table we saw some post-flop poker.
The chip lead swung back and forth, memorably going to Juanda when he won an non-showdown pot with a river 3-bet that prompted a grimace and instant muck from Vampley.

That reduced Vamplew to about 25 big blinds and the wrong end of a 3-1 chip deficit. He stole Juanda's big blinds and pre-flop raises for several hands before his Tc-9c was called by Ad-5s. The flop was a sweaty 5d-2c-6c giving Vampley overcards; a backdoor straight draw and the club flush draw. The ten hit on the turn and doubled him up to around 9m to Juanda's 15m, taking stacks closer together again.

Once again, Juanda ground Vamplew down before the money went in on a Q-K-4-J board with two clubs - Juanda raised Vamplew's bet to 1.875m and the Scot pushed all in; Juanda quickly called with A-T for the nut straight but a club on the river doubled up Vamplew and bought stacks back to even.

That's where we stand now. Blinds are 150,000/300,000 and both players have pretty much bang on 12.5m apiece; Juanda trails by around 200,000.

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