John Juanda eliminates Kyle Bowker in third place (£300,000)

John Juanda eliminates Kyle Bowker in third place (£300,000)

Monday, 4 October 2010

In the first hand of the 80,000/160,000 blind level Kyle Bowker stole the blinds and antes with a button raise. It would be the last pot he'd win at this EPT final table.

The next button, Bowker raised to 350,000 and John Juanda re-raised to 1,000,000 straight. Bowker mused upon his decision before 4-betting to around 2.8m and calling Juanda's shove instantly.

Bowker was in great shape against JJ with, well, J-J - hearts and spades, this is important. Juanda was behind badly with Tc-Td but a five-club board provided his salvation and he took the pot with his flush.

This gives John Juanda a chip lead of almost 3.5 - 1 as he prepares to take on David Vamplew for the EPT London Main Event title and £900,000.

1. John Juanda - 19,460,000

2. David Vamplew - 5,595,000

3. Kyle Bowker - BUSTED (£300,000)

4. Artur Wasek - BUSTED (£240,000)

5. Kayvan Payman - BUSTED (£190,000)

6. Fernando Bito - BUSTED (£145,000)

7. Tom Marchese - BUSTED (£100,000)

8. Per Ummer - BUSTED (£66,800)

Blinds are 60,000/120,000 so we've still got effective stacks of 47BBs.

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