EPT final table so far

EPT final table so far

Monday, 4 October 2010

So far the action at the EPT London final table has been pretty locked down. With a 30BB average stack a lot of the action has been pre-flop and John Juanda has been taking advantage of playing the big stack.

Starting with way more chips than anyone except Kyle Bowker, Juanda is able to make pre-flop raises that risk just 250,000 to 300,000 of his stack but forces five of his six opponents to risk their entire stacks.

Kyle Bowker has been surprisingly tight but with John Juanda and 11,000,000 chips to his left he's in a very awkward situation. As the EPT Live commentator puts it: "the pots that John hasn't been winning; Kyle has".

Meanwhile, Polish amateur Artur Wasek has been playing... let's call it "a tad on the conservative side". First he folded A-J to a continuation bet on K-J-x and then to top it off folded A-Q face-up to a pre-flop shove that he covered.

We're not sure if he's a genius and avoided a cooler both times or if he just wants to sneak up the money ladder. Let's guess...

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