David Vamplew eliminates Kayvan Payman in 5th place (£190,000)

David Vamplew eliminates Kayvan Payman in 5th place (£190,000)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Kyle Bowker had no qualms calling the seven-figure shove of Kayvan Payman with 8-8 but when David Vamplew came over the top with Q-Q, he let it go without too much trouble. This left Payman with A-4 in bad shape.

Despite picking up a flush draw on the flop, Payman could not make a hand and the Scot's ladies picked up a big 2.5m chip pot. This sends Vamplew to almost the top of the chip counts behind Juanda and Bowker.

Artur Wasek has now guaranteed himself a big payday of £240,000 by folding his way up the pay ladder but if he wants to outclass the likes of double WCOOP winner Bowker and John Juanda, he'll have to open up his game and get some chips.

We're down to just four players now and all are looking for the £900,000 first prize... though we have the feeling Wasek will happily settle for second place.

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