Artur Wasek doubles through Tom Marchese

Artur Wasek doubles through Tom Marchese

Monday, 4 October 2010

After Juanda had finished dominating the table with pre-flop steals for the time being, Tom "kingsofcards" Marchese got all his money in with J-J. Unfortunately, Polish Artur Wasek woke up with Q-Q.

The 8-high flop provided no relief for either player - Wasek, for some reason, was very concerned about being a 94% favourite on the flop; possibly because Marchese still had 1.7m behind and Wasek's EPT life was on the line.

A possible straight draw came on the turn to give Marchese the chance of a chop as well as the two-outer but the river was safe and Wasek doubled up, taking him to over 1.5m in chips.

The live streaming seems to be out on the chip counts by a few hundred thousand; John Juanda has over 10,000,000 on the felt at the moment and is looking well poised to continue his lucky London streak.

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