EPT awards race hotting up

EPT awards race hotting up

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

There are just three events left for players to make their mark in this season's PokerStars EPT awards race. It's all still to play for in most of the categories with only one player already assured of their place at the exclusive Monte Carlo bash.

That player is Omaha specialist William Thorsson who has won two of the 11 events on this year's calendar. As there are no more Omaha events scheduled this season he can safely book his ticket to the French Riviera.

There's a three way tie at the top of the Player of the Year race with EPT Kiev winner Maxim Lykov, Deauville High Roller champion Martin Kabrhel and recent EPT Berlin winner all tied on 160 points.

The Mixed Games Player Award is also up for grabs with seven players including Benjamin Kang, former World Champion Joe Hachem and Katja Thater all in the running. The Czech Republic lead the EPT Best Country race largely thanks to the performance of the aforementioned Kabrhel, Prague winner Jan Skampa and Jiri Kulhanek.

The most surprising challenger for an award though is probably Belgium's Pierre Neuville who is challenging in the Best Online Player race. If you think of a typical online player you probably picture a spotty, Golumesque youngster who never leaves his laptop. Nothing could be further from the truth with Neuville though who is a former director of the Hasbro Games company and is a sprightly 68-years old. The Belgian is just behind EPT Barcelona winner Carter Phillips and is in with a decent shot of taking the honours.

The two remaining awards will be decided by a public vote. PokerStars has revealed that the shortlists for the EPT Achievement of the Year Award and the EPT People’s Choice Award will be announced at the end of EPT San Remo on April 21.

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