EPT London smashes attendance record

EPT London smashes attendance record

Friday, 1 October 2010

The late Norris McWhirter would not doubt have been pleased to see yet another record broken. The record in question this time is the biggest poker tournament ever held in Britain which is now held by the current EPT London Main Event.

509 players bought into Day 2 making the total field a massive 848 players. And what an international field it is too. Unsurprisingly it's the British and Americans who dominated the numbers with 170 and 167 players respectively followed by France with 63 entrants and Germany with 53. In all there are representatives from 57 countries including players from unlikely poker outposts Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

All told the prize pool is £4,112,800. A total of 128 players will make the money with the winner set to trouser £900,000.

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