EPT Grand Final Down To 17

EPT Grand Final Down To 17

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The penultimate day of the €10,600 ($14,702) buy-in Grand Final main event of Season 10 from the European Poker Tour (EPT) will kick off later today with 17 players returning to the felt in search of the $1.24 million top prize.

Yesterday’s field for Day 4 began with 41 competitors but was soon whittled down with Kenny Hicks finishing on top of the chip chart. The American pro mainly plays online but managed to overcome a tough field and bag 2,499,000 chips ahead of the likes of Jack Salter, Mark Teltscher and Steven Silverman.

Each elimination on Wednesday seemed to sap another piece of star power from the finale as the likes of David Williams, Ville Wahlbeck, Dani Stern and Scott Clements all falling by the wayside.

However, while the remaining field might not contain many poker superstars, the final two days of action, which begin today from noon local time, will certainly be entertaining for the rail as Hicks looks to continue his dominance.

EPT Grand Final Day 4 Chip Leaders:

1. Kenny Hicks - 2,499,000

2. Martins Seilis - 1,767,000

3. Jack Salter - 1,750,000

4. Antonio Buonanno - 1,623,000

5. Mayu Roca - 1,500,000

6. Sebastian Von Toperczer - 1,456,000

7. Malte Moennig - 1,450,000

8. Nikita Nikolaev - 1,083,000

9. Sebastian Bredthauer - 1,065,000

10. Vasili Firsau - 1,002,000

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