EPT Grand Final Bubble Bursts

EPT Grand Final Bubble Bursts

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tension abounded as yesterday’s Day 3 of the Grand Final main event of Season 10 from the European Poker Tour (EPT) saw a field of 125 runners reduced to just 41.

The €10,600 ($14,702) buy-in Monte Carlo affair began paying money to the 95th placed competitor but well-known grinder Dominik Panka and PokerStars pro Andre Akkari would not be among the recipients after failing to navigate the last night’s bubble.

Special consideration must also go to Agshin Rasulov after he found himself all-in and all out of luck with As Tc midway through the session. Knowing that the very next elimination would burst the bubble, the sole representative from Azerbaijan was confident his hand was strong with a 9c Ah Qc Ts board but a quick call from Kenny Hicks holding Qh Qd meant that only an ace on the river would keep him alive and prolong the bubble. Unfortunately, the Kd on the river meant Rasulov was out and everyone else in the room had locked up least €19,200 ($26,557).

With the pressure of the bubble now lifted, the short stacks were able to go wild and the session was brought to a close with the likes of Niall Farrell, Simon Deadman and Ole Schemion eliminated.

Leading the way into Day 4, which kicks off at noon local time today, will be Malte Moennig followed closely by a pack that includes David Williams, Ville Wahlbeck and Dani Stern.

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