EPT Berlin raid update

EPT Berlin raid update

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

After all the hype and speculation of the past few days PokerStars has released a new statement confirming what actually happened at the Grand Hyatt in Berlin.

The statement read, “Yesterday at approximately 2.15pm, an armed robbery took place at the European Poker Tour (EPT) event in Berlin. Nobody was seriously injured. Four armed men were involved in the robbery which targeted the tournament registration desk outside the tournament area.

No shots were fired and the suspects quickly fled after a security guard intervened. The police investigation so far has shown that the suspects had a handgun and a machete. Contrary to tabloid reports, no Kalashnikov assault rifles or hand grenades were used. The suspects did not enter the tournament area and the money taken was substantially less than what has been reported.

The tournament resumed after a few hours and a police investigation is now under way.

The police are working closely with the EPT and SPIELBANK Berlin. Police are asking anyone who has information, video footage or photographs that might aid the investigation to contact them."

The police have also commented on what went on on Saturday. It doesn't appear that those involved in the robbery were master criminals as according to German police union chief Rainer Wendt they left behind “a mountain of evidence” and had plumbed “new depths of stupidity to carry out such a raid in front of running surveillance cameras”.

Wendt, who was speaking on German TV station NTV was also critical of the security measures put in place by organisers at the Grand Hyatt, saying that there was insufficient security with such large sums of cash lying around.

As yet, no arrests have been made but according to news agency AFP police are 'confident' of a breakthrough. Wendt had one final piece of advice for the raiders though, “Go to the police, bring the cash bags and make a full confession. Maybe you'll get a few less years in prison.” Advice that's not likely to be heeded.

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