Welcome to the EC Poker Tour Casino Barcelona sponsored by Titan Poker

Welcome to the EC Poker Tour Casino Barcelona sponsored by Titan Poker

Friday, 19 March 2010

First post... two hours late ;) but for sure now the race won't brake

Welcome everybody to the EC Poker Tour at the Casino Barcelona.

My name is Christopher and I will be your eyes(and ears) on this tournament.

Sorry for the small delay(and big for those players that have just finished their tournament) to begin this blog, but we have experienced great problems to connect to the wifi of the Casino (maybe not their fault... I am using a friend's laptop that has some fires inside him ;)
This is my first report for BLUFF EUROPE, but I think It is better to leave the presentations for following posts and begin with the transmission.

The atmosphere in the room is so great! There are some famous faces(some of them on the cash game waiting list now... maybe too fast? ;), but the main part of the the players are young online qualifiers from the iPoker Network, and I am sure this fact will give us a lot of funny moments.
Please, feel free to send me any requests you have about how well are making your pokermates(or your worst villians) and I will make my best efforts.

I will try to upload some photos in the next post to... some local and foreign PROs that for sure will try to make their best to reach the honour to see their names in this Blog on Sunday, what will mean they are on the good way to the first prize.

Talk to you later!

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