Level13: 800-1600

Level13: 800-1600

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Correction on Rebecca

We have a correction… REBECCA CLARA LEA ALICE MORDOFF is still playing the tournament!!

I saw her walking in the floor and assumed she was out… Completely my fault.

As the blinds are increasing, and the prizes are closer, the people is more nervous, and she was involved on an estrange hand where a player had asked time to her. Th time passed, and the dealer took her cards and gave the pot to the other player, then she said she had said ALLIN and thought the time was for the other player. Half of the players of the table(the French ones) in positions 1, 2 and 3(Rebecca is on position 4) gave her the reason but the dealer and there rest of the players listened nothing. At the end, as the cards were mixed and was impossible to build the hand again, both players splited the pot… I don’t like this action(the dealer is the boss at the table… he is like the referee on a soccer match!).

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