Level 21: 6000-12000 with 1000 antes and we got Final Table

Level 21: 6000-12000 with 1000 antes and we got  Final Table

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Blood is in the air... and the Spanish players on the bar

Our 14th and 13th players eliminated have been the only 2 Spanish survivors, so this tournament want stay in Spain!

CARLOS EGEA fell when pushing AhJh on BUTTON versus SAMUEL WELBOURNE on middle position that had pushed before with 33s, just to find CHRISTOPHE BENZIMRA with KK on the BB. The board gave a set to CHRISTOPHE BENZIMRA just to complete an straight on the river to SAMUEL WELBOURNE. CARLOS EGEA didn’t improved his hand, SAMUEL WELBOURNE triples up and CHRISTOPHE wins the side pot .

PACO TORRES pushed a raise of UTG on UTG+1. He gets called by 22s to show AQ. The paired flop 343 doesn’t improves for PACO and he leaves us with a big smile.

Some hands later, SAMUEL WELBOURNE has been the BUBBLE of the final table finishing in 10th place when his QQ didn’t stand up against NILS PETTERSON's JJ, after a J on the flop.

I will remind you of the prizes for the Final Table in the next post and the name of all the heroes.

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