Level 20: 5000-10000 with 1000 antes

Level 20: 5000-10000 with 1000 antes

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The resistance of the Spanish fleet and our new chip leader

The chip leader at this moment is NILS PETTER PETERSON, with 700k chips more or less, after losing a big pot of 200k versus a “short”.

Representing the Spanish fleet are the still surviving PACO TORRES “EL TREN” with a stack of 150k more or less and CARLOS EGEA, a local player from Casinos of Catalonia with 200k after his 99s versus AK on a KKx flop held up after a marvellous 9 on the river.

Just 17 players at this moment, and we have just seen and split pot between AA vs. AT. lol

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