Level 16: 2000-4000 and the power of the antes(and the slow bubble)

Level 16: 2000-4000 and the power of the antes(and the slow bubble)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Interview to the eliminated PRO Ricard Bozicevich "Madrabbit-Conejolojo" and his opinion on the tournament

We are at the end of the level 16 and 34 players on 4 tables.

The bubble is being too long and too boring… no showdowns, no reraises… people wants to cash yes or yes, and the deepstacks are not killing as fast as they should.

I have here with me RICARD “CONEJOLOKO” BOZICEVICH to explain us his feelings of the tournament.

BLUFF- What do you think about the tournament?
CONEJOLOKO- After Main Event of the WSOP it is the best structure I have played. The only problem is the hours of game… Yesterday we played 12 hours and today we think It will be more, and the minds are stressed
BLUFF- What do you think about Titan Poker Staff?
CONEJOLOKO- The have the merit to have been able to get a lot of online players, something essential to get a good field. If there are no reclamations it is a signal that something has been made well.
BLUFF- And about the Casino stuff?
CONEJOLOKO- Wonderful! They have made us feel as if we were playing in our house. They have been able to control the crew, something difficult when there is that much money on prize pool.
BLUFF- What are your next steps in live tournaments?
CONEJOLOKO- Marbella Classic Poker 770, an event with such a great structure and good side cash game tables! ;)
BLUFF- Thank you for your time! See you in the tables!
CONEJOLOKO-Your welcome… let’s make a drink?
BLUFF- I can’t… I am working…
CONEJOLOKO- hahaha Fish!!

The tension on the atmosphere is high when we are beginning the level 17 and still 31 players on the race!

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