Level 11: 600-1200 and 90 players left

Level 11: 600-1200 and 90 players left

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Just 2 women still on the race and the spanish chip leader

Just 2 women survived to day 1. LORNA ELIZABET LANCASTER from Canada and REBECCA CLARA LEA ALICE MORDOFF, a PRO from France. At this time just the first continues playing.

Precisely the first one, is on the same table as the actual chip leader of the Spanish crew, HAYKEL CHERIF VIDAL, with an stack of 80k chips approximately.

We have just seen a BIG pot won by HAYKEL: Haykel raises on the CO to 2700, a Nordic guy call him on the SB. The flop is 3 8 3, the SB checks, Haykel bets 4600 and get called. The turn is a 7 and the action repeat, check of the SB and bet of 11700 from Haykel that are called too. The river pairs an other 8, and after the check of the SB and a lot of thinking from Haykel, he fires an over bet of 34k, that are not called after the SB exhaust his time to call. After the hand, Haykel told us he put his opponent on the 3 and was trapping him, but he was lucky on the river connecting a SET of 888 and thought it was the only way to get the value from the hand.

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