Day 2 - PreCasino Post

Day 2 - PreCasino Post

Saturday, 20 March 2010

I define my intentions for this afternoon blogging on the first post of the day

Good morning dudes

Wait a minute , It is 13:10 local time in Barcelona… should I say afternoon? The days seem too shorts on tournament meetings. The Casino/night live is great, but some day you remember you have not eaten breakfast any day for 3 months… but you continue paying it when booking a hotel!!! Hahaha

It is my first post of the day (sincerely, my first activity of the day… just writing from the bed), and wanted to define my intentions for this afternoon blogging:

-As soon as I arrive at the casino I will try to update some chip counts of chip leaders and PRO players

-I want to get a definitive players list with seat draw… the one I received yesterday was a joke. As soon as I get it, will be able to make a more extensive tracing of the players.

-Make an small presentation about who am I… I would hate to read an insane like me, and don’t know his name to send it to my psychologist(maybe he can get a new member and makes you a discount…)

-Make a post every hour updating how many players are still in the race.

-I will get players impressions about the tournament structure, the TITAN Poker staff, the Casino, the city…

-I want to explain you some hands(I would like to find a monster pot with a big draw versus a made hand, better than explaining some bad beat a pro has received… ).

-Will try to get a date to have a drink with a dealer called A… ups, sorry, It’s for my private diary ;)

We have it written so, I have to make my best to accomplish with all the points!

Talk to you later,


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