Breaking the line of the 200

Breaking the line of the 200

Friday, 19 March 2010

Less than 200 players left

Just 6 levels and 35% of the people that begin the day are already crying on the rail... why do always say we are so unlucky when busted out of a tournament, but never explain the histories when we pushed with J6 smelling weakness and found the other player with KK?

If this rhythm of eliminations continues we can finish the tournament tomorrow and use the sunday to make a strip poker turbo tournament... the weather has been cold last weeks in Barcelona and the city requires our help.

The 770 PRO player Ricard "conejoloko - madrabbit" explained to us that he has some players on the table that raise whenever they have the button... he has limped 80% of the hands they are button just to reraise them, and has got nearly 100% of folds... Ricard is happy with his 30k chips stack(all in small value chips, to impress the enemies he found), but the dealer is trying to knock it down hand after hand. The Resistance of the Rabbit!

Our reader and friend from Mallorca "GerardX" and Chilipoker Team PRO has just been eliminated but sharing a lot of laughs with his brother... I promise you I will get the info! The BLUFF readers claim their right to share laughs(and tears, like the old movie)

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