A lot of PROs out

A lot of PROs out

Saturday, 20 March 2010

When the war begins, the bullets don't know who they are killing

Looking at the first players list that the Titan staff gave me, I have found the name of the Finnish PRO Juha Helppi. I have been looking for a while and asking for him, and finally I have found him... on a PLO cash game 10-20.

Another PRO player that won't be here tomorrow on Day 2 is Pascal Perrault. He has confessed that he didn't run well since he reached his maximum of 25 thousand chips.

The action in the cash games area doesn't stop... a lot of busted players are playing them aggressively, and the pots are great... now we have 9 tables open, and using the words of my friend and tournament director Gerard Segarra, and his partner David Tusell, they can't open more tables due to the lack of dealers.

It is the last break and a lot of players repeat the same thing: "I don't want to come tomorrow with a ridiculous stack... or I double up 2 times or I'll die trying", so for sure we will see a lot of action.

Tomorrow It will be easier to follow the action, as we will have less players, and will have an updated players list and the seats draw(I hope...)

At the beginning of this last level, there are 138 players left.

I will tell you something at the end of this level, and will send you my best wishes on your dreams.

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