Dwan destroys opponents in High Stakes Poker (spoilers)

Dwan destroys opponents in High Stakes Poker (spoilers)

Monday, 9 March 2009

GSN’s High Stakes Poker commentator and poker analyst Gabe Kaplan heaped praise of the highest order on poker prodigy Tom “durrrr” Dwan in last night’s episode after the Full Tilt legend turned top pair into a sick bluff in an eight-handed pot.

Notoriously tight Barry Greenstein opened under the gun. Every player at the table called including Dwan holding Qc-Tc and Peter Eastgate from the blinds with 4-2. The T-2-2 flop brought something for everyone – it was one of the best flops Barry could have hoped for in a family pot, Dwan had top pair and Eastgate trips.

Greenstein bet out $10,000 and Dwan chose to raise to nearly $40,000. Everyone folded, giving durrrr position, and Eastgate cold-called. This essentially turned his hand face-up, as did Barry’s overcall.

The turn blanked out and both players checked to Dwan, who bet $104,000. Eastgate folded very quickly and Greenstein, after some deliberation, laid down the overpair. “Barry folded the best hand,” Eli Elezra said to the agreement of the table.

He’s not superDwan, though – durrrr smiled and pointed to Eastgate: “Actually, he folded the best hand. I’m willing to make a sidebet on it.” Sick life.

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