Dwan continues hot streak to net $250,000

Dwan continues hot streak to net $250,000

Monday, 15 February 2010

Tom Dwan has added to his $749,000 victory in the CAP PLO games by taking to them again, as well as the smaller-stakes NL games. He also managed to squeeze in 71 hands against Patrik Antonius in the Durrrr Challenge and extend his lead by $21,000.

Dwan was on the losing end of the day’s largest pot against jungleman12, who has come back from a massive $500,000 loss – supposedly his entire bankroll – versus Isildur1 to play the nosebleed stakes again. He check-called all three streets after calling a 4-bet with AK and flopping two pair, getting durrrr to bluff off $50,000.

Durrrr’s largest pot came against David Oppenheim at $300/$600. Dwan had KK and Oppenheim Ah-2h on a 2s-Jh-4h board, essentially coin flipping for the $90,000 pot after durrrr 3-bet shoved on the flop. No heart came and durrrr’s hot streak continued to net him $90,000.

Antonius saw the distance increase slightly in the durrrr challenge as Dwan played him for 71 hands and made $21,000. Dwan now leads by $1,414,551 after 32,874 hands.

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