Dwan and Cates renew rivalry

Dwan and Cates renew rivalry

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The start of the week saw forum railbirds begin chirping about the return of the million dollar online challenge involving Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates but, almost has soon as it had started, the speculation stopped.

Having started more than two years ago, the heads-up duel between Cates and Dwan was supposed to end with the former paying one million dollars if he lost while the latter would award $1.5 million to the winner.

However, after multiple excuses from both, the match came to a halt before ‘Black Friday’ put the final nail in the competition’s coffin. Since the shutdown of FullTilt Poker, both Dwan and Cates have been able to rebuild their bankrolls and find a way to play online although they have yet to properly resume their battle.

This looked to have changed on Sunday when the two sat down for what promised to be an epic session. Indeed, after Cates raced to a $59,000 lead, it looked as though it was going to be a long night for Dwan. After breaking the session, the two resumed their battle the following day with Dwan emerging as a small winner after just 383 hands.

Since then the two have yet to sit down against each other, despite both players being active at the virtual felt over the last few days. The main person stalling the action seems to be Dwan with many forum posters speculating that he isn’t confident he can beat Cates and pay the $1.5 million.

Whether or not this match will end anytime soon is unknown but for many railbirds the result can’t come soon enough.

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