Dwan Shares Reasons Behind $1.5m Challenge

Dwan Shares Reasons Behind $1.5m Challenge

Friday, 9 January 2009

Soon after news that Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine had accepted Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan’s multi-million dollar challenge the 22-year-old prodigy revealed the logic behind giving himself a 3-1 disadvantage in the 50,000 hand challenge.

According to Dwan in a recent interview with PokerNews.com, “the two most interesting, commonly played poker games are heads-up No-Limit Hold ‘em and heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha. It's very rare that someone will play me at more than two tables and I like to play at least four tables at once.”
"For all these reasons,” he continued, “I wanted to do something to get people to play me four tables of PLO and NLHE. Maybe it'll cost me a lot of money or maybe it will be profitable. I plan on playing everyone who accepts this 'challenge' except for Phil Galfond (because he is a very good player and friend).”

The challenge in question is as follows: 50,000 hands over four tables of heads-up NLHE, PLO or HA. If after 50,000 hands the challenger has lost money, he must pay Dwan $500,000. However, durrrr is so confident of his edge that he will lay $1.5m on the line should he lose as much as a single dollar. Most of us would quake in our boots at the thought, but Tom just wants to have a laugh:

“Anyway, hopefully these matches will be fun for all participants, and observers, even if it is costly for some people - hopefully not me!” He said.

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