Dutch Dominating MCOP Finale

Dutch Dominating MCOP Finale

Friday, 15 November 2013

Now that the masses have dispersed and only the hungry are left standing, this year's Master Classics of Poker is just one session away from crowing a winner. Having started out with more than 200 players earlier this week, the €4,000 tournament will finally furnish a winner with a top prize of €396,821 later tonight.

To get to this moment a penultimate day of action on Thursday saw 48 players whittled down to just 10. Leading the way at the start of the session was Englishman Charlie Combes, but as the day progressed he eventually had to make way for Clyde Terlaan.

The action eventually came to a close when UK hotshot Tom Middletonhit the rail in eleventh place. After falling short on chips, the young pro seized his opportunity to chip up by moving all-in with pocket threes. Unfortunately, Dmitry Nemirovsky was holding pocket kings and after making the academic call it was Middleton who was left without a chip stack.

Playing on home soil, Terlaan managed to lead a six-strong pack of Dutch grinders into the final day with 1,300,000. As for Combes, he managed to make it through the session with the shortest stack (470,000) and behind a contingent of local pros that included: Noah Boeken (1,092,000), Luuk Gieles (1,075,000), Johan Verhagen (868,000), Zeus Post (854,000) and Rob Hollink (674,000).

Rounding out the finale few and hoping to scupper the Dutch team's plans of total domination will be Simon Persson (1,054,000), Dmitry Nemirovsky (1,040,000) and Andrew Chen (552,000).

Today's final session will kick off later and interested spectators can catch all the action courtesy of a live stream.

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