Dutch Delight In Antwerp

Dutch Delight In Antwerp

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Davis Cup final wasn't the only top-notch competition taking place in Belgium over the weekend as many of Europe’s finest poker players were in Antwerp for the latest leg of the Unibet Open.

In the end, Mateusz Moolhuizen aced the €1,100 ($1,165) buy-in tournament, which featured 321 entrants, to win €71,000 ($75,256) in cash while fellow countrymen Paul Vergeer and Hans Sybrandi took second and third spots.

After Sweden's Micael Emanuelsson was eliminated in fourth, Moolhuizen made sure he took the title and the biggest chunk of change by first eliminating Sybrandi before seeing off the challenge of Vergeer. It took 90 hands and the best part of three hours of heads-up play to reach a winner with Moolhuizen sealing the win after flopping top pair against his countryman's middle pair on a nine high board.

Vergeer's runner-up finish saw him earn €51,000 ($54,053) while the win was Moolhuizen's second on the Unibet-sponsored tour after previously taking down its Malta stop in 2011 for €117,000 ($123,997).

Unibet Open Antwerp Results:

1 Mateusz Moolhuizen (The Netherlands) - €71,000

2 Paul Vergeer (The Netherlands) - €51,000

3 Hans Sybrandi (The Netherlands) - €33,400

4 Micael Emanuelsson (Sweden) - €23,810

5 Alexander Beeckx (Belgium) - €17,800

6 Koen Lauwereys (Belgium) - €14,200

7 Laurens De Smet (Belgium) - €11,700

8 Vincent Van Oosterhout (The Netherlands) - €9,400

9 Tom Dingenen (Belgium) €7,000

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