Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix IV – more details released

Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix IV – more details released

Friday, 27 May 2011

When we first heard about Dusk Till Dawn’s latest attempt to smash their own UK attendance record – smash it into oblivion – we honestly thought it was a joke. Yeah, yeah, 5,000 runners across twenty start days – good one. No really, how big is it going to be? No way.

Turns out Dusk Till Dawn don’t bullshit. The UK’s premier cardroom and current holder of the tournament attendance record – 1,564 players at the Grand Prix III – are trying to more than triple that total, aiming to have 5,000 players paying €60 each and competing for a €250,000 prize pool. And yes, twenty day ones. Twenty.

The event runs from August 8 until August 21 with ten of the opening flights held at the club and ten more at their online cardroom, DuskTillDawn.com. From August 8 to 12 two flights per day will compete until 10% of the starting field is left. This is an unlimited re-entry tournament so those with an Internet connection and access to the club could enter the event twenty times.

At the club, there will be two flights across weekends and one on weekdays. Since the opening days play down to 10% of the field everyone who makes it to Day 2 will already be in the money.

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