Durrrr vs Antonius – it’s on!

Durrrr vs Antonius – it’s on!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Speculation has been rife as to when Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius would actually sit down across the virtual felt. First it was after the Aussie Millions, then after Antonius got back from Thailand, then after he fixed his internet…

Finally, the two lovebirds have set a date. Today, at 6am ET (11am GMT, meaning it’s probably begun already by the time you read this barring another delay), the two will lock horns across four special tables of $200/$400 PLO.

The games have an uncapped buy-in (shown when durrrr teased the railbirds by sitting with seven figures on each) but the terms of the bet say that players can go back to 100BBs if stacks get too deep.
So, bosses of the country – if your workers are watching Full Tilt instead of working, just let them. This is a big, big game.

durrrr: n mayb start like 20hrs from now?
Patrik Antonius: u think we should play around 5-6 hours
earlier than now
durrrr: kk
Patrik Antonius: sounds good
durrrr: ya thats 6am here, so wont work too well for me
durrrr: but tomorrow it should be fine
Patrik Antonius: i think i will play around 2h session
durrrr: 4h minimum =)
durrrr: lol
durrrr: k
Patrik Antonius: and u'll get some sleep in lol
durrrr: ima eat
durrrr: tc/gn
Patrik Antonius: gn cu tomorrow

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