Duhamel on his Travels

Duhamel on his Travels

Monday, 5 November 2012

Jonathan Duhamel is one of the busiest pros on the circuit at the moment but after spending two months travelling around Europe the Canadian pro has finally returned home and updated his blog.

Having enjoyed time in Barcelona, Paris, London, Cannes, San Remo and Malta – a place he describes as “a real paradise” – Jonathan has been looking to the online world for some respite. While he’s certainly enjoyed his time on the road, getting the chance to see his family and friends has been a welcome break.

“Having travelled a lot lately, I can truly say that being on the road playing for almost two months is a mental drain.”

Having banked over $11 million in live tournament winnings Duhamel is now looking to become a complete poker player by achieving some notable results online. Beyond that he’s keen to improve his mixed-game prowess:
“My next goal is to get good results in 8-Games, which is very different from No Limit Hold’em!”

The blog concludes with a description of his time in a secluded hostel in Burlington, Vermont, before his attention turns back towards his next tournament adventure.

“My next tournament of course shall be for the World Poker Tour stop in Montreal mid to late November. It’s nice to see major series including Quebec in their series.”

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