Dude where's my car? - poker pro has Ferrari stolen from casino

Dude where's my car? - poker pro has Ferrari stolen from casino

Monday, 17 May 2010

In a plot that sounds as if it's come straight from The Real Hustle, Australian poker pro Van 'Sirens' Marcus had his Ferrari stolen from the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

The TV show highlights elaborate planned, perfectly executed scams but it appears that the Melbourne thief did little more than ask for the keys from the valet and drive off.

Marcus had left his $440,000 Ferrari with the valet parking before heading off to play in the casino. While he was still sitting at the table, thief Adam Ramsay managed to talk the valet into giving him the keys to the extremely plush motor.

The Casino insisted that it had followed proper procedure but hinted that Ramsay may have told the valet that he'd lost his parking ticket but after checking his identification he handed over the car. Ramsey was arrested after the Ferrari was found dumped in Coolaroo in the outskirts of Melbourne.

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper Marcus said, "I am very angry. I am really pissed off. They spend millions of dollars watching players' chips and cards in play, but as soon as it comes to the public's property there is a lack of security."

Marcus did appear to see the funny side later though, writing on his Facebook account, “Well at least I hold the record for the first Ferrari ever stolen in Australia..right outside crown casino Valet lol f*k my life!!

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