Dubinskyy Wins Big in Little One for One Drop

Dubinskyy Wins Big in Little One for One Drop

Monday, 7 July 2014

It might not have carried the same financial weight as the Big One for One Drop, but this year's WSOP Little One for One Drop was still another impressive spectacle.

After welcoming 4,496 players the $1,111 charity event finally came to a conclusion earlier today following a dominant performance by Igor Dubinskyy.

The Ukrainian pro may not have started the final table as the pundits' favourite - that honour was reserved for the more experienced Eric Baldwin - but he certainly showed his mettle as the $637,539 drew closer.

As Bao Nguyen, Vimy Ha and Matthew Lapossie all fell by the wayside, Dubinskyy began to thrive. As his stack grew Baldwin's gradually ebbed away and after moving all-in with pocket deuces from the small blind he found himself in trouble against Brandon Eisen's queens.

As the board rolled out Th 4s 3s Kc Qs the pot was pushed to Eisen while Baldwin was sent to the rail to collect his $156,352 consolation prize.
With the most experienced player now watching from the rail, Dubinskyy was free to make his move and by the time only Theodore Driscoll stood in his way the Ukrainian held a commanding chip lead.

Using his 2:1 advantage to good effect, Dubinskyy never relinquished his grip on the match and after 16 hands he was able to clinch the title after his straight (with 5h 6h) was enough to best Driscoll's trip threes.

As the confetti reigned down a jubilant Dubinskyy was able to celebrate his first WSOP and the final final table of this summer's Series.

Event #62 $1,111 Little One for One Drop Result:
1. Igor Dubinskyy - $637,539
2. Theodore Driscoll - $394,281
3. Brandon Eisen - $283,895
4. Shai Zurr - $209,805
5. Eric Baldwin - $156,352
6. Jackduyph Duong - $117,507
7. Matthew Lapossie - $89,020
8. Vimy Ha - $68,019
9. Bao Nguyen - $52,400

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