Dreyfus To Sue Polish Government

Dreyfus To Sue Polish Government

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The owner of The Hendon Mob database, Alex Dreyfus, is reportedly preparing to sue the Polish government.

Following an investigation by his security team at The Hendon Mob (also GPI) headquarters, a bot has been found crawling the site for a number of weeks trying to extract sensitive information from the database.

During an interview with PokerNews, Dreyfus explained that the bot has been active since December 29 and originated from mf.gov.pl, one of the country's official portals.

"Since December 29, we have seen a bot coming from the servers of mf.gov.pl that is crawling the whole website," said Dreyfus.

"We have tried to fight it and we blocked it."

In an effort to stop the bot from stealing sensitive data protected by intellectual property law, The Hendon Mob's ecurity experts have been feeding the software false information.

"They have changed the bot's Internet provider four times already," said Dreyfus.

"Our security team has noticed it from day one and, as we have a special tool that allows us to avoid automated bots to steal our data, we fed them with fake data and fake results for over eight days."

Thanks to the EU Database Directive, Dreyfus will have a legal leg to stand on if he is forced to take any Polish Ministers to court. However, before things go that far, the founder of GPI and now owner of The Hendon Mob is hoping a letter by a Polish lawyer will stop the bot.

If that doesn't work then Dreyfus has said he is prepared to take the fight as far as necessary to protect his business, the player's listed in the database and the poker industry as a whole.

"We will sue [the Finance Minister of Poland] if they used [our] information for any claim," said Dreyfus.

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