Doyle’s Blog: Politics, Dogs and Death

Doyle’s Blog: Politics, Dogs and Death

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Whenever Doyle Brunson swipes his virtual quill across the page he always delivers at least one amusing anecdote and in his latest blog post he maintains that precedent.

Having left his personal online diary for a few weeks, Doyle returned with a new entry a few days ago and addressed three main points: politics, dog grooming and death.

Having been one of the most vocal poker players on Twitter during the presidential campaign, Doyle made sure that everyone knew he wasn’t rooting for Obama to win the election. Indeed, being a staunch Republican, he threw as much support behind Mitt Romney as he could. As we all witnessed, however, Romney was unsuccessful in his bid to replace Obama in the White House, prompting Doyle to write: “This presidential election shows us how politics have evolved. Romney ran a great campaign, got almost all of the Christian and party followers votes and never had a chance.”

However, he goes on to say that he hopes “a lot of folks, including me, are wrong and Obama does a great job” and “everybody should support him [Obama], regardless of political affiliation.”

With his political rant out of the way Doyle turns his attention to matters closer to home: his dog Casper. After four months in Montana with his son Todd, Casper’s hair needed a trip but being in his twilight years, Doyle decided to tackle the task himself. “I took a pair of scissors and started cutting hair off Casper my toy poodle. He looks like a vagabond and my wife is furious with me.”

The blog concludes with an acknowledgement to Bob Tremaine. Having been a college basketball teammate and friend of Doyle for a long time, Bob passed away recently. This news also prompted Doyle to address his own recent health scare: “I didn’t mean to start such an uproar about my tweet on twitter that I had a cancer removed from my shoulder. It was a simple in house procedure that took about two minutes. The cancer was a squamous cell malignancy that is very slow spreading and almost never life threatening.”

As ever Doyle’s blog provides a colourful glimpse into the life of a poker legend and is well worth a read.

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