Doyle on Poker, Politics and Full Tilt

Doyle on Poker, Politics and Full Tilt

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Doyle Brunson has been discussing politics, quitting school for poker and the reopening of Full Tilt in his latest blog. In a recent blog post entitled Common Sense is Genius Dressed up in Work Clothes; Doyle addressed the forthcoming Presidential election and revealed that he and Daniel Negreanu have had a wager on its outcome.

“I bet Daniel Negreanu 5K Romney would win in the polls. I used the CNN poll which was my mistake, they usually favour the liberals.”

His political rant continues with a series of questions on America’s foreign aid policy, before he turns his attention to the future of poker in the eyes of the game’s youth. According to Doyle poker has been tougher than it has ever been and unless you somehow fall into a big win early it’s not a wise career path.

“The most common question I get these days is should a young person quit his schooling and try to become a professional poker player? My answer is a resounding no! At this point because of the economy, the absence of Internet poker, and the introduction of new poker games that have a high variance, poker is really tough right now. Maybe things will change but for now it’s a tough road to make a living playing poker.”

The blog concludes with a parting comment on Full Tilt’s re-launch, with Doyle saying that he’s happy to see the site reopen and that now many the US players can get their money back.

However, one issue he fails to address is his recent encounters with Howard Lederer on the felt. Last week Howard was pictured playing with Doyle and others at the Bellagio but, unfortunately, Doyle hasn’t explained his feelings about this and what the general reaction was to his return.

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