Doyle on Daniel and More

Doyle on Daniel and More

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Doyle Brunson has been at his writing desk in the last 24 hours producing the latest entry for his popular blog.

As candid as ever, his latest virtual soliloquy touches on the state of college basketball in the US, the ceasefire agreement in the Middle East and the continued decline of the US dollar. Indeed, on the final point he states that he’s moved in to “buying gold and silver as a hedge against inflation”.

After dealing with life’s concerns, Doyle turns to Daniel Negreanu and his latest rant. Although close friends, Doyle and Daniel often clash on certain issues but, for once, Doyle seems to agree with his fellow high stakes pro.

“For the 1st time that I can remember, Daniel Negreanu admits in his “rant blog” there is a slight chance he might be on occasion slightly wrong and prejudiced. I have always admired him for speaking his mind but I think he does take it to the extreme sometimes.”

Doyle then goes on to discuss the almost arduous tournament landscape at the moment, writing: “we agree that something has to be done about the slow play in the poker tournaments. It makes almost unwatchable TV and is very boring. A shot clock is the answer and the only question is how long can a player wait before he acts? I think one minute is plenty of time.”
For a man entering his twilight years there’s certainly no sign of Doyle slowing down. Indeed, his observations are as sharp as ever and well worth a read.

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