Doyle Brunson vs Joan Rivers live on radio

Doyle Brunson vs Joan Rivers live on radio

Thursday, 12 November 2009

In a recent radio spot, Joan Rivers and Doyle Brunson went at it on air. "Who the hell is Doyle Brunson? When you’re 76 and successful like me then come and talk to me,” said the unfunny comedian to the 76-year-old poker legend.

Rivers, who infamously laid into Annie Duke – and all poker players – on the US’s Celebrity Apprentice, was apparently scheduled to apologise to the poker community with Doyle accepting the sentiments as well as promoting his new autobiography out now.

It appears that Rivers is about as good as apologising as she is at comedy, calling Annie Duke a “liar” and a “terrible human being” and saying that Doyle can “die under a deck of cards.”

“I’d rather die under a deck of cards than under a pile of manure like her,” Doyle responded. Unfortunately he’s too much of a gentleman to really go at her but the Two Plus Two forums have taken up that mantle for the Godfather of Poker – while Doyle resigned himself to the simple Tweet below, some forum members have been very choice with their insults:

"I'm afraid I heated up the Joan Rivers vs poker players today. We were both interviewed by a Miama radio station. They read something I wrote in a blog. She told me to go die under a deck of cards. You can imagine my response, I hope she hears it." – from Doyle Brunson’s Twitter.

Follow the links to listen to the Joan RIvers interview and then the Doyle Brunson response.

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