Doyle Brunson’s Nominations for Hall of Shame

Doyle Brunson’s Nominations for Hall of Shame

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Poker’s big names are selecting the newest nominations for the Poker Hall of Fame. Among the nominees are Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein and Tom Dwan. Always one to spice up an occasion, ten-time bracelet-winner Doyle Brunson has compiled his own list which he dubs the Poker Hall of Shame.

Brunson’s Hall of Shame consists of “poker players who abuse dealers, players, or both. The only other criteria to make the Hall would be you gotta be dead. We all know living players who deserve to be in, but we don’t want to make too many enemies,” he wrote on his blog.

Stressing that the list was “in no particular order”, Texas Dolly listed the following late pro poker players as the worst for dealer abuse, shady dealings and general poor manners:

Puggy Pearson, who apparently once pushed a young Chinese dealer after he lost a pot. She responded by beating him with her high-heeled shoe. John “Doc” Holliday is, according to Brunson, believed to have killed nine men – some at the poker table.

“Nigger Nate” Lanette – a nickname showing Brunson’s age more than any other – supposedly bit off a dealer’s ear. However, it was all hunky-dory as he gave the staff member in question $5,000 the next day.

Stu Ungar made the list also – it is no surprise to anyone who knows of his reputation as a volatile, violent and foul-mouthed player, known to spit on cards if they didn’t go his way.

The top prize has to go to Nick “Shoeshine” Simpson, in our books. Doyle writes: “I once saw him urinate under the table onto a dealer’s leg after a bad beat.”

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