Doyle Brunson Wins $2m

Doyle Brunson Wins $2m

Monday, 27 April 2009

Most of us would be happy to be alive at 74. Alive and a millionaire, even better. Alive, a millionaire and still able to win $2,000,000 playing against the best in the world at Bobby’s Room – well, only one man can do that.

Doyle Brunson decided to skip the World Poker Tour $25,000 Championship event in order to focus on the cash games offered. It seems he made the right decision – playing the mixed games in Bobby’s Room, he turned a nice profit. He said on his blog that in order to have equalled his cash game wins he would have needed to win the tournament.

Phil Ivey, ever the gambler, was willing to play a game of Doyle Sez where Doyle gets to pick the games. They played six-card Razz with the best low of 75432. "I played that a lot 30-40 years ago and it’s a tricky game," Doyle wrote. He says that Phil caught on the game pretty fast, but Doyle held all the cards and beat his opponent. "I’ve got some more games for him if he wants to continue," Doyle continued.

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